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No matter what kind of job you currently have, most people are always open to making extra money. Whether it be for extra shopping fun, or to help supplement an income that’s barely covering the bills, a few extra dollars is never something to sneeze at.
Here are my top suggestions for making extra money, no matter what your situation dictates.

Write for AC

All right, most of you reading this already write for AC, so that goes without saying. However, if you’re like me, you often push articles aside to do other things, because the pay is low enough not to warrant it top on the priority list. What you must tell yourself is that while the pay is not much, even an extra $10 a week adds up. If you can get at least two articles a week paid for, it’s worth it. And who knows, perhaps that one special article will lead to bigger opportunities.

Get Crafty

A lot of people have at least one great craft skill that they use to make gifts or simply pass the time. What a lot of people don’t realize however, is that there is a good market out there for handmade crafts. From quits, to needlepoint, to homemade jelly, people pay good money for original crafts.

In order to find a market for your items, find out what organizations run the craft fairs in your area. The craft fair season usually runs from around August to December, with the bigger shows running closer to the holidays. Setting up at a craft fair can involve fees for space rental, so you should research it and make sure you’ll get a return on your fees.

You can also bring your work to locally owned retail shops in your area. Some shops will agree to sell your work in a consignment fashion. There are even shops out there that run as retail co-ops, where you can get space to sell your work as long as you put in some time working at the shop.

The web is also a great place to market your crafts. Great sites like Etsy, and even eBay offer an easy and affordable way to reach thousands of potential customers easily.


Have a college degree that doesn’t seem to be doing much for you? Look into tutoring opportunities to put your hard earned knowledge to work for you. There are many national tutoring agencies that you can sign up with, setting your own hours and days. You can also look into contacting your local school district to discuss tutoring opportunities.

The great thing about tutoring is that you can work nights and weekends, with a flexible schedule set by you. You can even arrange to have students come to your home so you don’t have to worry about commuting.


In addition to tutoring, there are a lot of teaching opportunities out there that people aren’t aware of. Many Adult Education programs allow people to apply to teach courses in which they have expertise, but not necessarily a teaching certification. Teach a six-week course on writing short stories, or a one-day course on making earrings; it’s all up to you and your area of knowledge.

Once again, this can be dictated by your availability. If you can only do a one-day Saturday course, then that’s what you apply to teach. While there is an interview process and paperwork, it’s a rewarding experience, a great way to interact with the community, and to make a few extra dollars sharing what you love.

Spring Cleaning

Getting rid of your old stuff is a great way to make money while ridding yourself of needless clutter. What you might consider junk, someone else may be needing or wanting desperately. Take an afternoon to go through your stuff, especially all of the things hiding in your basement. Once you’ve made a significant “junk” pile, sell your items on eBay or hold a good ‘ol fashion yard sale.

Odd Jobs

Own a lawnmower? How about a shovel? There are always odd jobs that people need doing. Post your talents on CraigsList or local classifieds. Raking leaves is a great way to spend an afternoon outdoors while making extra money. More likely than not, if your willing to do someone’s household chores, they’re willing to pay you for it.

Whatever your niche, there’s money out there to be made. Even if your current schedule is tight, there’s a lot of opportunity out there to squeeze in something here or there to make money. It’s only limited by your imagination, and your willingness to get your hands dirty.

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