30 Business Opportunities and Ideas

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It is more than likely that at one time or another you have thought about starting a business but where do you start? Normally you start with a business idea or opportunity and then work from there but what if you don’t know what you want to do?
Well, if you don’t know what you want to do then read the following articles, hopefully you will get some inspiration along the way and who knows maybe even find a business idea or opportunity that suits you down to the ground.

Business Ideas and Opportunities

1. Open/start a florists–flower shop.

2. Start a tutoring business.

3. Start a car washing/car cleaning business.

4. Start a pawnbrokers

5. Start a shoe shop or perhaps even a cobblers.

6. Start a clothing shop.

7. Start a mobile phone shop.

8. Start a handyman business.

9. Start an advertising company–business

10. Start a maid/butler service–business

11. Start a personal shopper business.

12. Start a toyshop or toy store.

13. Start a second hand shop or store

14. Start an electrical shop or store.

15. Start a travel agents.

16. Start a hair salon for men, women or both.

17. Start a beauty salon.

18. Start a tanning salon or a mobile tanning business.

19. Start a pet sitting service–business

20. Start an interior design business.

21. Start a gardening/maintenance service–business

22. Start your own gardening centre–garden nursery.

23. Start your own children’s nursery or playschool.

24. Start your own buildings merchants

25. Start your own building/property renovation company.

26. Start your own travel agents.

27. Start your own courier service–business

28. Start your own nursing home.

29. Start your own takeaway.

30. Start your own restaurant

Reading through these business ideas and business opportunities has probably got your brain and thinking juices flowing. Remember that you don’t have to start any old business, you could always try starting a business that perhaps is new to the market, perhaps an idea from abroad, a franchise or even a home based business – the options and choices really are limitless.


1. Ensure that you do your research, your research should cover if there is a market for your product, service and type of business, who your potential customers/target audience/market is, where they are and how they will buy.

2. You must ideally create a business plan, especially if you are aiming to raise finance for your new venture. The business plan will determine if your business is viable and if it has the potential to be viable in the near future.

AND FINALLY the biggest tip I can give you is that when you are starting your own business or company please surround yourself by family, friends, optimists and loved ones as there will be many challenges and hurdles in the near and distant future and honestly who wants to face these on their own.

Good luck with whatever you choose or decide to do I wish you every success.

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