11 Writing Project Ideas for Freelancers

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Freelance writing as a career is a full-time reality for many talented and creative people, and there are a variety of jobs available for writers of all skills, backgrounds, and aptitudes. There’s no such thing as one profitable domain for writing freelance, although there are many subjects on the web today that are growing in value. Today’s top paying markets aren’t found only in magazines and newspapers either; dozens of website, radio stations, and business offices are looking for flexible writers who can provide top notch material. From freelance business writing to turning out the script for the next screenplay, here are just eleven writing projects that can shift your freelance writing aspirations into high gear:
Traveling writer: writing from a tourist’s perspective is one thing, but writing as you travel is another. The surge in blog writing offers a chance for writers on the road to tap into the web and share their experiences, as they happen. Check out sites such as www.travelpod.com, and www.travelblog.org for diaries, stories, and snapshots from around the world. Developing an article is easy when you’re armed with your own fresh content.

Resume writing. This is a highly profitable market, and an easy one for anyone to get started when they provide their services. Share your talents on local community boards and other networking events in the area for some instant results. College campuses are a great place to start.

Farming and livestock journals. Like most hard labor workers, farmers are too busy to sit and write about their business. Farming today is a lucrative business. Send out your contact information for interviews, or start submitting query letters to journals. It’s an easy market to get into.

Apartment bulletins. Property managers and leasing consultants usually do their marketing work in-house, but you can offer to make newsletters, flyers, and anything else at standard fees.

Home-business guides. The internet has launched the home-business industry into new outlets, and you can create tips and pointers on a variety of the current most attractive options. Selling e-books on these is easy with sites like www.wisdomebooks.com

Proof reading. College professors, graduate students, business managers and even some publications editors often need third party proofreaders for manuscripts and text. Sell your services and improve your own skills in the process!

Writing plays. Check with local theatre and production companies on their submission requirements, and jump into playwriting. Similar to movie screenplays, plays are a great way to develop characters and personalities, and have them produced locally.

Creating plots for novelists. Use this is a chance to use your creative skills and watch your idea blossom. Selling your plot is a great way to launch your career in screenwriting; it’s a part of a larger masterpiece. Many screenwriters send out requests for submissions every year, and guidelines are listed on websites and in the annual Writer’s Market Handbook.

Copywriting for radio. These are ideal for the marketing and media-friendly writer. Short, quick, and concentrated quips of the latest products and services are a fun way to tap into some new skills. Check with local and national radio stations for submission requirements.

Writing greeting cards. Yes, these jobs do exist! Greeting card submission guidelines vary, but the companies request samples and may ask for a specific topic. Some might ask for card design ideas, and pay can start at $5+ per entry.

Writing a teachers’ yearbook. This is a great one for cities with many schools and districts. Each year, most schools print up a biography publication showcasing their staff members. You can offer your writing services, and learn about key community members in the process.These are just eleven easy freelance writing projects to tap into this year, for those times when you need a creative boost or a temporary change of direction. Don’t get stuck into a writer’s rut by focusing on just one project. Your creative edge will suffer, and it’s the leading cause of writer’s block! Instead, manage your time and productivity better by spreading out your talents in different directions. Along with those extra writing dollars, you’ll increase your skills and open yourself to new opportunities!

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